Aerodynamic Advantage

A coefficient of drag (Cd) reveals a great deal about a sports car. A .28 Cd says as much time has been spent making it invisible to the wind as striking to the eye. This is evident with zero lift aerodynamics in the front and rear, and an Active Grille Shutter that stays closed to lower drag at speed but opens if additional cooling is needed.

Signature Lighting

INFINITI DNA is evident in every line, curve, and angle of the all-new Q60. The signature LED headlights were inspired by the shape of the human eye, and provide a consistently sharp, clear beam that is visible from both the front and the side of the vehicle.

3D Sport Seats

A performance car requires seats that not only accommodate performance driving, they must enhance the entire driving experience. With a high back, integrated headrest, deep contours and bolsters, Q60's seats helps provide maximum support during even the most exhilarating drives.

Flexible Stop Doors

Every time you get in, you'll appreciate the flexible doorstop that will hold the door open in nearly any position. It prevents the door from springing back on you. Easy entry. Easy exit.

Dynamic Digital Suspension

Dynamic Digital Suspension continuously monitors body roll, pitch, and bounce rate and signals the shock absorbers to adjust to maintain performance dynamics based on the Drive Mode that you have selected.

Direct Adaptive Steering®
This industry-first system instantaneously transmits your steering inputs to the wheels, without a mechanical connection, allowing you to steer quicker and smoother than ever before. If you are on rough or uneven roads, the system will consistently make subtle adjustments to increase stability.

Bose® Performance Series Sound
The available Bose Performance Series makes its debut in the all-new Q60. Life-like sound is experienced by everyone in the vehicle through a unique combination of advanced audio processing technology and thirteen precisely designed, thoughtfully placed speakers. Polished metal speaker grilles enrich the acoustic performance of your music while enhancing the distinctive look of the Q60's interior.

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